Monday, June 8, 2009

Nutmegger Nonsense

The state government of Connecticut has trespassed into the realm religion, threatening serious harm to the life and integrity of the Catholic Church there.

Raised Bill 1098 would have it established in Connecticut that:
* Catholic churches shall have a board of directors made up of lay members elected by the congregation.
* The bishop shall be only an ex-officio non-voting member.
* Administrative and financial functions fall to the authority of the lay board.
* The pastor would report to the board on all financial and administrative matters.
* The bishop is limited to "matters pertaining exclusively to religious tenets and practices."

The diocese, recognizing the threat to its integrity and ability to function as a Catholic entity -- the mandates above run contrary not only to the First Amendment but to Canon law -- organized a rally at the state capitol and encouraged the Catholic faithful to contact their representatives (about one third of Connecticuters are Catholic). As a result, the raised bill was withdrawn before its first scheduled public hearing.

The state subsequently described the action of the diocese to protect itself from unlawful state interference as "lobbying" -- an activity subject to regulation by the same entity who had just attempted to govern the way Catholics practice their faith.

The Diocese responded with a lawsuit against the state officials to "stifle free speech and religious liberty" -- source.

Lobbying laws are the subject of a great deal of debate and discussion on a national level. With its latest actions, the state of Connecticut has opted for the interpretation of those laws that is the most inclined to totalitarianism.

Where's today's Nathan Hale when you need him?

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Paddy O'Hare said...

Thanks for the concise report of Connecticut's political madness, Sean. This is open persecution of the Church by the State and it is heartening that the Bishop resisted vigorously. Alas...persecution of this kind will only become more common as we experience the violent nosedive into Communism Obama is orchestrating.