Saturday, June 27, 2009

Liberalism is a Sin

Liberalism is the notion that no one -- not even God -- can tell you what to do. The free person, so the thinking goes, is the one who has no constraints.

This modern taste for throwing off the yoke of authority is a revolution, not against tyranny, but against God Himself.

Freedom is the child of discipline. The person who is really free is the one who does what he ought because he wants to.

"La révolution dévore ses enfants," observed Georges Danton, the French revolutionary, when he himself fell victim to the Revolutionary Terror. “The revolution eats its own children.”

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Patti Petersen said...

An excellent post, Sean. The liberal mistakes liberty for license and becomes a slave to his own passions and to sin. There is no slavery more degrading than that of the liberal. Thinking himself enlightened, he is blinded and fails to see that he lowers himself to the level of the brute beasts, who act without reason and respond to life by instinct rather than intellect. Unlike the liberal, however, the beasts have an excuse - they don't have an intellect to use. The liberal has no excuse for his degredation.