Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last weekend I attended the ordination of several friends who were ordained to the priesthood. Here's one picture from the event: the newly-ordained Fr. Raphael Arizaga, OSB, is giving his first blessing to his superior Fr. Cyprian, OSB. They are from Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in New Mexico.

Fr. Raphael Blessing Fr. Cyprian

The Benedictines have a long and marvelous history.

One tidbit not covered in the article I linked to regards the clerical
tonsure that the Benedictines wear: it's called the Roman tonsure: the entire head is shaved except for a circle of hair. This is done in honor of the Crown of Thorns affixed to the head of Christ during His Passion.

Quod me facere videritis, hoc facite.

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