Saturday, January 31, 2009

10 Years

Feast of St. John Bosco

Today is the 10th anniversary of my reception into the Catholic Church.

The road to that point began with my wife's decision to become Catholic the previous Easter (12 April, 1998). After that I thought, "Well, I guess she's serious about it." So I consented to talk to her priest and read the catechism and do a bit of research.

I approached this project with no sympathy for Catholicism. I wanted to be a good sport, however, so I went about finding out what was going on. I certainly had little enthusiasm for the project; my chief motive was just to give Catholicism a fair hearing -- to hear what it had to say for itself and no more. I looked at it as a matter of duty, an obligation to do my part to help bridge the the rift caused by my wife's decision. I fully expected to come to the end of my inquiries better informed but unconvinced.

Such was not to be, however. In the course of my investigations I found that Catholicism had better answers than Protestantism not only to the proper meaning of the Scriptures (which was surprise enough), but to history, philosophy, and just everyday human nature.

So I admitted defeat and took the plunge. Of course, it was a humbling experience when I admitted to my wife, "You know, I think I'd like to become Catholic too."

"That's fine," she said matter of factly. Then she added, "You know, if you'd ever asked me to choose between the marriage and being Catholic, I would have let you go." Ouch. But as I said, I figured she was serious about it.

So, many retreats, pilgrimages, Confessions, and Masses and Communions later, here I am. It didn't turn out to be the experience I expected, but the best things seldom do.

Indeed: I even entertain a good hope of Heaven, Deo gratias.

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