Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tuppence For Your Thoughts

Yesterday I visited a haberdasher to improve on my threadbare wardrobe. While I was in the queue to pay for my purchase, I overheard the man in front of me describing his divorce.

"Then my attorney showed up charging his hourly fee. And his assistant was there too, charging his fee. And of course her attorney was there, and her attorney's assistant. So I spent $14,000 -- and you know what? We accomplished absolutely nothing."

The conversation degenerated from there, but one additional remark stayed with me: when the fellow said, "Which just goes to show that you shouldn't ever marry -- and if you do, make sure she always works and never stays home."

How bleak. Children suffer when mom works, but the wisdom of the hour is that a wife should always have a job outside the home just in case the marriage doesn't stick (and the husband has to make sure he's not taken undue advantage of in the divorce proceedings). The business of no-fault divorce is penny wise and pound foolish, in my view.

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