Friday, January 16, 2009

Money-Grubbing Corporate Capitalists

I read a news story yesterday about Hugo Chavez eating crow and approaching U.S. Oil companies for business to help keep the Venezuelan economy afloat. I composed the write-up below in Chavez’s honor.


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When US Airways flight 1549 crashed into the Hudson River, "controlled chaos" broke out. One witness reported, "People started running up and down aisles. People were yelling and pushing."

But then matters turned around when calmer heads began to prevail. The men rose to the occasion, and chivalry even made an appearance when cries of "women and children first!" were heard above the din. The more able-bodied assisted the elderly and the infants, all the while maintaining order during the ordeal. By the time rescue workers arrived, the scene had changed dramatically -- one rescuer reported, "There was a lot of calmness...People weren't running around." One survivor even dealt with the trauma by joking that it was the "best landing I ever experienced." Experts in the industry say that it is incredible that an emergency water-landing resulted in all-hands alive and accounted for.

So who were the champs who kept their composure and came through in the pinch?

They were business executives from outfits like Bank of America, Wachovia, and TIAA-Cref. An international investment banker helped a woman out of the freezing water. The last passenger off the plane -- a married father of four -- works for Oracle Corporation, of all things. "God put me on that plane," the Oracle man said. "I was supposed to take the later flight, and God put me on that plane."

Will they never learn?

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