Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Providential, Inscrutable

Yesterday was day one at a new job. After 5.5 years at my old company, I accepted an offer that amounted to a promotion and a raise with another company. It's the same work, just inside different colored walls.

I took a few days off to squeeze in a few more state capitols. See the route I took here.

Today was day two on the new job, and I learned that my Razorfish supervisor and my former career manager were both let go in layoffs this morning. No telling if I would have been caught up in that, but I'd pulling a lot of bench time lately, so to my way of thinking it doesn't
seem improbable that I would have been fellow #3.

Though it's tempting to take credit for having read the handwriting on the wall when I opted to change employers, the fact is I was just as surprised as the rest of the crew. On one level I can joke about how my career move now appears brilliant. In truth, however, I hadn't been looking to change jobs; rather, I just took the opportunity when a recruiter contacted me. The matter strikes me as providential and inscrutable.

Having been tagged in three layoffs of my own over the years, I told my two former colleagues that I knew how they felt and I invited them to send me their resumes.


Kindred Spirit said...

Congratulations, Sean, and, most of all, Deo gratias! The hand of God is an amazing ting, isn't it? I'll keep your former colleagues in my prayers as they search for employment. P.S. Are you going to Winona? If so, I'll see you there, God willing.

Sean said...

I'll be in Winona -- see you there!