Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Objectionable Part

Once I was having lunch with a crew of colleagues, including my supervisor. At some point during the meal an off-color joke was greeted with knee-slapping laughter by everyone except yours truly. "Not to your liking Sean?" I was asked. I shook my head and looked away.

When we were settling up with the waitress I pointed out that she hadn't charged me for my iced tea, only for the entree. The mistake, it turns out, was mine: I'd ordered off the lunch menu, and the price of the drink was included.

After the waitress walked away, my supervisor shook his head and said, "Sean, you make me want to vomit."

"Right," I replied. "You had a good laugh a minute ago at a crude joke, but what really makes you want to vomit is a guy being honest." The chap just looked away.

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dolorosa said...

They hate it when your not one of the boys but God loves it!