Sunday, June 27, 2010

French Survey Reveals Women’s Opinions on Abortion


The report from the General Inspection of Social Affairs (IGAS) on "The Evaluation of the Policies for Preventing Unwanted Pregnancies and for Taking Care of Voluntary Interruptions of Pregnancy" notes that 72% of women who have had recourse to abortion were on contraception. That's 144,000 of France's 200,000 annual abortions. The ratio of abortions to live births in France is 1:4.

The Alliance for the Rights of Life (ADV), also wishing to know the opinion of Frenchwomen on abortion, asked the IFOP to create a survey that was conducted upon a representative group of 1,006 women age 18+. Here are some of the findings.

For women, abortion is of no little importance.
* 61% = "there are too many abortions in our country."
* 83% = "abortion leaves psychological effects difficult for women to live with.”
* 60% (vs. 33%) = “society should do more to help women avoid having recourse to abortion."

French women are in favor of some other policy for preventing abortion that does not simply "provide against unwanted pregnancies" but also helps pregnant women to avoid abortion.
* 83% (vs. 13%) = information pamphlets given at pre-abortion consultations should include "details on help for pregnant women and young mothers."
* 55% = "psychological support to protect her against exterior influences" could help a woman with an unwanted pregnancy opt not to have recourse to abortion.
* 54% = wish for "information on the material aid to which she has a right."

Adoption of children carried to term would be "a good thing to make better known" to young pregnant women who would have heavy personal difficulties in raising their children.
* So say 67% of those >35 years old
* The number climbs to 76% for those <35 years old

The number of abortions continues to grow among minors (age 15-17).
* 11.5% of abortions in 2006
* 8.9% of abortions in 2002

Those between 20 and 24 who have recourse to abortion the most often.

51% of Frenchwomen believe that the 30% growth in the number of abortions by minors since 2001 is best explained by "sexual relations that are too precocious."

Well yes, but abortion is big business in France too. It's one of those twisted ironies that those who claim to be liberating women from slavery to their own bodies are further victimizing them with the abortion trade.

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