Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend with Dad

The Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

I spent the weekend visiting my father in the hospital. I think he'd rather be doing just about anything else than sitting around a hospital room for 4-6 weeeks, but he's a trooper about it.

For example, the hospital staff likes him, and yesterday one nurse bragged on him when she told me that Dad was her best patient.

"Wow, you must really have a lot of bad patients," Dad interjected.

You see where I get it from.


Kindred Spirit said...

A chip off the old block you are, Sean. May God bless your father; I'll pray for him at Mass tomorrow.

Patti Petersen said...

Hahaha! So that's where you get that quick wit from, eh? Love it! We're remembering your Dad and Mom in our rosaries, Sean. Hope that your trooper of a Dad, and it is no small thing to be cheerful and witty under the crosses he has to bear, gets well soon and is around for many, many, years.

Sean said...

Thanks folks.