Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Actionable Suggestions


Jeanette on her Taliban Rising blog wrote this morning that "the past months have produced four major news events that, each in their own way, profoundly ravage the cultural value of women in our country...famous 'voices for women’s issues' are conveniently, grovelingly submissive to the agenda of a greater social destabilization..."

The four issues she describes are:
(1) Revelation of the support of ACORN for child-prostitution and sex trafficking
(2) Hollywood celebrity support of a convicted child-rapist
(3) Public statements of Whoopie “rape-rape” Goldberg
(4) New classification of a “moderate Taliban”

Jeanette added, ""ACORN, Polanski, Whoopie 'rape-rape' Goldberg, and the Taliban are the recipients of this orgy of support by silence...the women who ought to raise their voices against these assaults on girls are too busy shopping for their next pair of Lanvin $540 sneakers, gearing up for their next televised encounter with the 'goddess within,' or gossiping about how much money that little 'upstart' from Alaska spent on her new riffle, I thought I’d take up the fight myself and propose these 'Actionable Suggestions,' for American women."

(1) Lobby Congress for a full investigation of homes purchased with ACORN loans to ascertain if brothels were established with tax-payer dollars.

(2) Lobby for the immediate request for extradition to America of Roman Polanski.

(3) Send a request for the immediate "termination-termination" of Whoopie Goldberg from her position on the View.

(4) The women of America need to rally for the protection and defense of the girls and women in Afghanistan.


Patti Petersen said...

I've been giving this some thought, Sean. I wonder if the women of America need to rally like Jeanette says, or if they would do better to get their husbands and male family members active lobbying while they pray and set an example by raising their children as good Catholics. Some women may have a vocation to politics, but for most of us that is not part of God's plan. Our Lady did more good by living her hidden and holy life in intimate union with God than all the political parties of her time. If you look at the women in history who really made an impact on changing things for the good, they were the saints who lived lives of prayer and by their prayers helped Catholic men to convert the world. Just some food for thought, you know. It's never a good idea to step out of ones station in life unless called by God to do so, and that is usually done through the command of the clergy.

Sean said...

It's only a minority of people who really have a vocation to be involved in politics; in a democracy it's an occupational hazard for most everyone. Among those who are delving into the public and political arena, I like Jeanette's suggestions.

Patti Petersen said...

You like her suggestions even if they should be opposed to God's will? I don't believe that. Ven. Pius XII recognized that some women have a vocation to politics while most don't: Allocution of Pope Pius XII to the Congress of the International Union of Catholic Women's Leagues, Rome, Italy, September 11, 1947. (see: Most women, like it or not, are called to holiness in the hidden life and that does not include lobbying. I appreciate Jeanette's concerns, and quite often agree with her, but not on this. I recognize the utility of the female intellect, but see the part she plays in God's Master Plan as being otherwise than politically active. Calling to mind our democracy does not change that...what matters is God's will and God's plan. I may be wrong, but if I am than I am in the good company of the Fathers of the Church, who saw women in a subordinate role (yes, that is a trial to me).

Sean said...

"Ven. Pius XII recognized that some women have a vocation to politics while most don't." That's right; it's the minority of folks who are supposed to take action in the political arena.

Patti Petersen said...

How is it that we always end up agreeing? We must see things in the same light in spite of our occasional bickering, eh? I rather like that...God bless you!