Friday, October 30, 2009

Safety Decals

Mark is the chap in my office in charge of office tech support, facilities, and local beer recommendations. This morning he sent around a brief email:

"In order to help make the office a safer place to work (for us and for our clients), the Action Team has posted new safety decals in the team rooms."

Mark is referring to the sliding glass doors on several of our office meeting rooms: we've had a few unfortunate accidents involving people careening into closed sliding glass doors.

With the new state-of-the-art safety decals, hopefully glass door smashups will be a thing of the past.

The hand was interposed too late to save the face

Note the astonished look of shock and pain

Grateful survivor of a closed sliding glass door incident

Mr. Tech Support, recovering nicely


LizSpellB said...

I can't believe all those people ran into the doors! That must have been painful.

Sean said...

Yes, it was painful. It has happened only twice, but those two episodes made quite an impression.