Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SSPX mission in India

The French SSPX web site LaPorteLatine produced this video about the SSPX mission in Palayamkottai, India.



Mary said...

Beautiful video Sean!

This might be a good place to promote "The Catechism in Pictures" a lovely book first printed in 1909 in French. It is available (in English)through the Angelus Press and all profits go to India. It makes a great gift, I bought 6!

PS Here is the desciption, sample pictures are shown as well....the text is great, it explains the pictures

dolorosa said...

What is the "eco" community?

Mary said...

I think eco community was an invented word by the priest, sort of a combination of ecosytem and society. If you watch the whole video, his goal seems to be to develop a Catholic community in India. A school system, the orphanage, and an old folks care home are the beginning of a small society that is driven by the good of the community not the individual. The old (especially women) are often abandonned in India. He seems to hope to develop some light industry to help support the community, especially as the orphans become adults in a caste driven society and need to support themselves. A lovely idea worthy of support. What a hard life, thank God we weren't born destitute in India, Mary