Thursday, March 10, 2011

SSPX Clerics: Never Suspended, Never Excommunicated

An anonymous contributor left a message this evening that after the decree of excommunication of the SSPX bishops was retracted by Rome, said bishops "became the same as that of the other clergy of the Society, who are suspended a divinis."

In fact, the clerics of the SSPX have never been suspended or excommunicated.

On July 1, 1976 -- following the ordinations of June 29 by Abp. Lefebvre -- Cardinal Villot and Archbishop Banelli attempted to follow through on a threat to suspend the SSPX.

Upon examination of the legality of this action, it became apparent that the proceedings were entirely irregular and not canonical (i.e., not lawful), had no foundation in law or precedence, and therefore had no validity. Rather, it was simply two liberal clerics acting beyond their authority or competency to illicitly thwart the continuation of the traditional practice of the Faith.

Rome's subsequent actions tacitly confirmed this assessment.

* December 1987: Cardinal Gagnon attended as a prelate the Pontifical Mass of a non-suspended Abp. Lefebvre.

* May 1988: Cardinal Ratzinger agreed to the principle of having a bishop consecrated from among the Society’s priests.

* 2001-02: At the behest of Pope John Paul I, Cardinal Castrillion-Hoyos of the Ecclesia Dei Commission conducted negotiations with Bp. Fellay in full recognition of the latter's non-suspended status.

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