Sunday, February 14, 2010

Real vs. Imaginary Problems

The deep-freeze winter storms of the past several days led me to wonder where global warming was when you needed it.

At the bogus Copenhagen summit a few months back, Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus said, "I'm convinced that after years of studying the phenomenon, global warming is not a matter of temperature. Global warming is a new religion, a religion of climate change...This religion tells us that people are responsible for very small increases in temperatures, and they should be punished...The role of man is very small, almost negligible. Politicians, their fellow travelers, and the media understood that this is a good topic to take on, because talking about the world in the years 2050, 2080, and 2200 is an excellent way to escape from current reality."

Then there's Phyllis Schlafly, who wrote, "Man's natural ingenuity can create new technologies that will lessen any impact that mankind has on the planet's environment."

There's plenty of pollution and environmental nastiness to be cleaned up. Pity that the frauds who cooked the research books to create the worldwide panic about global warming, melting glaciers, and the extinction of cute polar bears have now made it more difficult to get real environmental problems addressed. Way to go, Team Green.

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Kindred Spirit said...

Man proposes, God disposes. Happy Saint Valentine's day, Sean.