Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nacho Regular Cheese Experience!

Here's a tidbit from one of my recent projects: a bit of fun I dropped as an Easter egg into an internal file for a client in the food industry.


This is Nacho Regular Cheese Experience!

In an effort to break the mold and brie ahead of the rest in this cottage industry, we've made munster efforts and worked our fingers bleu to fashion a fresh and tasty cheese phenomenon. You might have heard the cheddar on the social sites that this colby a gouda development for the business. No whey you say? Well it's true: our policy of "your swiss is our command" allowed us to move past biased, parmesan considerations. As a result, cheese-lovers are fondue of our product, and all the other fetas in the trade are green with envy. Our can-do approach is summed up in our motto of "where there's a wheel there's a way!" So roll on by and enjoy a slice of our latest offering.


Kindred Spirit said...

Aw, Sean isn't this just a bit--well, you know --cheesy? :-)

Kindred Spirit said...

Still, it's one way to edam the playing field...