Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is Doctor-Assisted Suicide Coming to Quebec?


One wonders if scarce medical services resulting from the sub-optimal socialist healthcare system in Canada helped doctors north of the border to rationalize the notion that euthanasia is a viable treatment for patients near the end of their lives.

"But they're going to die anyway," one contemporary adage would have it.

"We're all going to die anyway," is the obvious response, which counters the consideration that euthanasia can be performed when death is inevitable. Death comes for us all.

That one's death is also immanent doesn't change matters a jot or a tittle. Why should normal rules of conduct be suspended because death is at the door knocking? Do we steal from a person who is at the verge of death? Calumniate his good name? Burn his house down? What specious reasoning.

This vile and insane argument is a necessary consequence of living in a materialist world: when God is banished from the public consciousness and people live and act as if there is nothing after our trip through this life, we'll set ourselves up as gods and dictate what constitutes good and evil according to our convenience. And, predictably, the most helpless in society are those who pay the price for this act of self-adoring worship.

The physicians in Canada are indulging their God complex and engaging in self-indulgent sophistry.

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