Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Sistine's Maestro Perpetuo


Original in Italian

Monsignor Domenico Bartolucci, the Sistine's Maestro Perpetuo, is asked questions about the old and new Mass.

From the interview:

"The reform was done by arid people, arid, arid, I repeat it. And I knew them."

“How come that we make liturgists who know nothing about theology?”

"The voices that raised themselves to defend the two thousand year old Tradition of the Church, were cleverly hushed."

"The young generations of priests are maybe better than those who came before them, they do not have the ideological fury of an iconoclastic ideology, they are full of good feelings..."

"The liturgy with a big 'L' is the one that comes to us from centuries back, it is the reference, it is not the debased liturgy which holds so many compromises 'that make God sad and the enemy happy' ('a Dio spiacenti e a l’inimici sui')"

"In front of our liturgy of many centuries we should contemplate it and venerate it and remember that in our mania for 'improvements', we only risk doing great damage."

"There persists a certain blindness, almost a complacency for all that is vulgar, coarse, in bad taste and also doctrinally temerarious."

"The liturgical problem is serious, do not listen to the voices of those persons who do not love the Church and who oppose the Pope and if you want to cure the sick then remember that the merciful doctor makes the wound purulent (fa la piaga purulenta)."

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Kindred Spirit said...

"Arid"? No wonder it's seemed as though the Church has been wandering in a desert. It's forty years since the "new Mass" was introduced after having been concocted by those whose agenda was clearly not that of Holy Mother Church. Maybe the oasis is not too far away now... Ora et labora.