Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Betrayed by Amnesty


The Anglo-Maltese writer Fiorella Nash has decided to cease supporting Amnesty International.

Nash owes the release of her father from prison in Malta in the 1970s to Amnesty International; her support for the organization over the years ever since was a given.

What changed her mind?

In August of 2007 Amnesty revealed its intention to campaign for abortion.

The decision to move from not having a position on abortion to campaigning for it led bishops and laymen worldwide to withdraw their membership from the organization, calling the abortion agenda a betrayal of the group's founding principles.

“Its conferences on the issue only include pro-abortion speakers, there is no open debate on the issue,” Nash said.

Nash was pregnant when Amnesty publicly revealed its pro-abortion slant. “I was pregnant with my first son and I thought, ‘When my father was in a defenseless situation I helped him. What am I doing now to help the equally defenseless unborn?’”

What indeed: quitting the traitorous Amnesty International is a grand beginning.

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Kindred Spirit said...

As the Church teaches, abortion is always murder and therefore always wrong--no exceptions! Bravo for this great post, Sean. Amnesty International is no one's friend; kudos to you for exposing them.