Friday, May 8, 2009

Gargano and an Anniversary

Today we commemorate the apparition of St. Michael at Mt. Gargano, Italy.

Grotto of St. Michael at Mt. Gargano

Well known is the apparition of St. Michael at his renowned sanctuary on Mt. Gargano, where his original glory as patron was war restored to him. To his intercession the Lombards of central Italy attributed their victory over the Greek Neapolitans on 8 May, 663. In commemoration of this victory the local church instituted a special feast in honor of the archangel, which has spread over the entire Latin Church and is now called (since the time of St. Pius V) "The Apparition of St. Michael", although it originally commemorated not the apparition, but the victory.

Today is also the 10th anniversary of my Confirmation, done at St. Michael's Catholic Church here in Roswell, GA, Deo gratias.


Kindred Spirit said...

Thank you for this post in honor of St. Michael whose help we surely need today! Congratulations on your Confirmation anniversary; what a grace! I'll remember your intentions at Mass today. Benedicamus Domino!

Sean said...

Gratias; very kind. I'm working from the hone office today, so I can make a thanksgiving Mass myself.