Sunday, May 10, 2009


Downpatrick is the town in the north of Ireland, some 20 miles south of Belfast, where St. Patrick is buried (this is atop Cathedral Hill). The town's name is derived from the old Irish name Dún Pádraig, which means Patrick's Fort. While I was there in 2002 I picked seven clovers from the spot and gave them to friends as souveniers.

Kneeling at St. Patrick's Grave, 2002

The other day I was showing photos of the trip to colleagues at the office, and one person asked why I was smiling at someone's grave.

We were interrupted before I could give a reply, but the answer is that the person buried there is a saint in Heaven, which is cause for a great deal of smiling if you ask me (Luke 15:7).

Ut ad altare Domini memineritis mei.

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