Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Letter #7: Christmas

In December 2007 my local Roswell paper published an article encouraging Christians to take time out of their holiday schedule to pay attention to the observances of minority religions. I wrote a response, which was not published.

Here are the link to the original:
* Original Article: p. 12 of http://beaconcast.com/downloads/20071213

Below is my unpublished letter.


‘Tis the Season

A key point of Kate Copsey’s multicultural news article “December Not Just for Christian Holidays” was that this December, Christians should interrupt their normally scheduled celebration of one of the chief events of their own religion – i.e. the nativity of said religion’s Founder – and instead spend time considering the views of different, unrelated, and antithetical creeds.

By Jove, I look forward to the follow-up articles! Without giving way to self-conscious hand-wringing, when can we expect to see the parallel article encouraging Saudis to tip their turbans toward any crosses they happen to pass en route to Mecca during the Hajj? Or the one inviting Israelis to sprinkle frankincense on their menorahs? Or the piece encouraging Nepalese nationals to use leaves of the sacred fig tree as stocking stuffers?

All jesting aside, Kate shouldn’t shake the finger at Christians who unapologetically commemorate the arrival of Christ into the world. We celebrate birthdays because it is good to be alive, and the birth of Christ is the birthday par excellence to be celebrated: the Creator of the world came to earth as a Man and opened the gates of Heaven for all who cared to enter. Rather than act rueful about this good news, I’m for shouting it from the rooftops: it’s the best Christmas gift I could ever give anyone.

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