Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bad Egg

Inevitable easy divorce precipitated by casual promiscuity and routine infidelity; children – if they must be mentioned – frequently characterized as an interruption of adult epicurean pursuits; an orthodoxy of ennui about the millions of little ones – mostly minorities – chemically and surgically evacuated and discarded annually; the mothballed institution of polygamy soon to be aired out under cover afforded by official same-sex arrangements; the creation and sustenance of life axiomatically denigrated or even banished in pursuit of the pleasures of life.

Well, no doubt one must discard a few old-fashioned eggs to concoct a progressive cholesterol-free omelet. In fact, I'm reminded of the chestnut about how we've seen progress of this variety before in an egg - it's called "going bad."

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Helmut said...

Something smells like sulfur.