Monday, March 4, 2013

A Tale With Two Morals

From the Old Testament, the Second Book of Paralipomenon, 26:16-18: “He [King Ozias] slighted the Lord his God; into the temple he would go, and there burn incense at the censing-altar. Close at his heels the high priest Azarias entered, and eighty priests with him, strong men all, to withstand the royal will. Not for thee, Ozias, they cried, to burn incense in the Lord’s honor; that is for the priests, the sons of Aaron, that are set apart for this office. Leave this holy place, and profane it no more; thou wilt win no favor from the Lord God by such doings as these…”

Aftermath: Ozias persisted, and was immediately struck by God with leprosy.

Moral 1: A Church’s sanctuary is not the place for laymen who usurp the role of priests.

Moral 2: When a country’s chief ruler intrudes himself unjustly into matters of faith and morals, clerics do well to resist him.

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