Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Courtship Modeled on the Heavens

An atheist of our virtual acquaintance offered this thought:

"God could have made it much simpler if He had made the earth rotate at a rate such that the time to circle the sun was a whole number, and that the number of days that the moon takes to circle the earth was a whole number, and that this number was evenly divisible into the length of the year. Why does He always challenge us? (Just stirring the pot)."

My reply ran thus:

"The young woman could have made it much simpler if she had arranged her schedule to correspond with our work schedule and personal holiday arrangements. If she had been genuinely interested in our concerns, she would have planned her birthday to match ours. Her personal interests and hobbies are fine on her own time, but she should be willing to put them down when yours truly enters the room and attend to our person. Why does she always challenge our sincere efforts at chivalrous romance? (Just stirring the pot)."

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