Saturday, October 27, 2012

More on the New SSPX Seminary

The SSPX seminary of St. Thomas Aquinas in Winona, Minnesota, USA is too small to house the number of young men seeking a vocation to the priesthood. The men are crammed in at the seminary; meanwhile many of the seminaries in the conciliar Catholic Church are shutting down for lack of vocations.
As a result, a new seminary is being built in Virginia. This is a project worth supporting and one to which I have made a commitment. I hope you will consider it worthy of your prayers and support.
New seminary video
Several years ago, on an Ignatian retreat at the present seminary, I met each of the priests who have a speaking part in the video.
* Fr. Asher was a deacon who helped give the retreat.
* Fr. LeRoux had just been installed as the rector of the seminary.
* I had the privilege of losing a game of chess to then-seminarian Mr. Joseph Wood.

More about the project

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