Wednesday, October 17, 2012


In last night's presidential debate, the two candidates went at it like light-weight grade-schoolers. Had I been there, my question would have been, "Can either of you tell the truth?"I give the trophy for the event to the moderator, Candy “death wish ticket” Crowley.

To wit:
* She gave 9% more time to her candidate, Obama.

* She got to tell Romney to “sit down.”

* The question about why Obama had not kept his promise to ban assault rifles she re-cast as why Romney had flip-flopped on his stance on assault weapons.

* More than once she broke with the format of the session to deny Romney his follow-up comment.

* She interrupted Romney 28 times; Obama, a mere 9.

* The time when Obama took over Romney’s session for a full minute, she remained mute.

* On Benghazi, she seconded Obama’s false statement about how he’d called the attacks acts of terror the day after the assault (to which reporters in the audience cheered).

It was Candy all the way - trick or treat. On the plus side, she did become the first woman to ever win a presidential debate.

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