Sunday, August 19, 2012

Keep Holy the Sabbath

One keeps holy the Sabbath by refraining from servile work and by adoring God in worship that pleases Him and is worthy of Him. Ages ago the Church in Her Divine Wisdom decided that the best way to accomplish the latter is to celebrate the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

The new Mass deprives God of a good owed to Him in justice — specifically, by failing to offer a sacrificial form of worship worthy of His dignity and majesty. Instead of giving back to God something He desires, it substitutes a shabby and banal imitation. Even when the new Mass is valid, it lacks the integrity, the decorum, the fidelity that God demands and deserves in a sacrifice.

Plenty of people in the modern Church are doing the best they can, and they do not comprehend or fully realize that their own clerical leaders have taken them astray by providing a simulacrum. God knows how to make allowances for their good will exercised in ignorance.

For those of us who do realize that the modern Church is trafficking in a counterfeit sacrifice, however, we avoid participating in or favoring a form of worship that deprives God of what is His due. Thus, we do not attend the new Mass, which does not honor God the way he deserves, which fails to state clearly the Catholic Faith whole and entire, and which tends to erode and diminish the Catholic Faith of those who do attend.

We do God more honor on a Sunday by refusing to attend an unworthy form of worship than by attending. He gave us His very best, and we owe the same in return; we will not short-change Him.

Rather than view this as a shocking refusal to fulfill the Sunday obligation, take it as an indication of how shocking an affront the new Mass is to the Almighty. Refrain from servile work; pray the Propers of the day and a full Rosary; spend extra time in spiritual reading; but avoid the new Mass at all costs.

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