Sunday, September 18, 2011

Poll: Battle of the Ages

In the spirit of this post, I've dredged up this bit of nonsense inspired by the meanderings of my misspent youth.


What fantasy character matchup would make for the battle of the ages?

(1) Gandalf vs. Merlin
Middle Earth meets King Arthur’s Court

(2) Tom Thumb vs. the Gingerbread Boy
The Mighty Midget tries to catch his running nemesis

(3) Robin Hood vs. Legolas
One shot, patch over the right eye, triple ricochet off two trees, between the hobbit’s legs, and through the opening of the spinning bee hive

(4) Queen of Hearts vs. Glenda the Good Witch
Caged grudge match between the champions of Wonderland and Oz

(5) Cthulhu vs. Apocalypse
But who really cares?

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