Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trinity Redux

This post describes the nature of the Blessed Trinity and includes a few implications of what the reality of Triune God means in terms of relations between the sexes. The heart of all creation is Love, of a kind that forms and sustains life.

It's worth noting that laymen such as this author ought to tread carefully when expounding on matters of dogma: a fellow with nearly everything to learn who presumes to instruct can become a blind guide leading the blind readily enough.

Let the record show, then, that everything written in the post referenced above is in accord with the constant teaching and practice of the Church. What's more, this author sought the advice of three well-formed and well-trained traditional Catholic priests to weigh in on whether the essay held inaccuracies; all three censors said it was fine.

If at any time a competent authority should give attention to the writings in that essay or to any others on the entire Maps, Keys, and Clocks blog and find them wanting, this author protests that these writings are merely the efforts of a traditional Catholic layman to describe in inadequate terms his ruminations on living an integrated Catholic life in a modern milieu, and that no harm to the Faith has ever been intended; further, the author readily submits to the sound judgment of Holy Mother Church, and surrenders any opinion expressed or implied that is false, dangerous, rash, contrary to sound and true doctrine, or ruinous to souls.

And if any incompetent individual should care to offer an opinion on the topics described in this blog, let him know that this author's traditional Catholic colleagues once dubbed him "Hammer of Heretics." You've now received your fair notice.

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