Sunday, September 12, 2010

Retreat + Four More Caps

This week I'm on an Ignatian retreat in Ridgefield, CT. I've wrapped a trip around the pilgrimage to take in four more state capitols -- see my route at

An Ignatian Retreat consists of a series of spiritual conferences, structured meditations, and an opportunity to make a general confession. Silence is kept throughout the retreat, though the retreatants have the opportunity to speak with a priest for spiritual advice. Since 1533, the spiritual exercises of
St. Ignatius of Loyola have been used by millions to deepen their Christian life.

Fr. Ludovic-Marie Barrielle, C.P. CR.V. was an illustrious preacher of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. He became the Spiritual Director at the International Seminary of the Society of St. Pius X (the traditional Catholic missionary society of which I am a tertiary) in Econe, Switzerland, where he condensed the 30-day retreat into five days for laymen.
Fr. Barrielle, C.P. CR.V.
"In the Retreat of Manresa, St. Ignatius learned from the Mother of God herself how he should fight the combats of Our Lord. It was as from her hands that he received this code so perfect, and in all truth we can so call it, of which every soldier of Jesus Christ ought to make use. We are speaking of the Spiritual Exercises, which according to tradition, were given from Heaven to Saint Ignatius. Not that we should not esteem other spiritual exercises, but that in those organized according to the Ignatian method, everything is disposed with such wisdom, everything is so well coordinated that, if man does not oppose Divine Grace, they renew him completely and render him fully submitted to Divine Authority..."
- Apostolic letter Meditantibus Nobis of Pope Pius XI (3 December, 1922)

Pope Pius XI

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dolorosa said...

You certainly get around, Sean! I guess I do too but not as much as you. I've been on several retreats and hope to go again soon in the Spring. See you in October at the conference.