Friday, September 24, 2010

Corrected Maternal Death Count


A few months ago the WHO reported that annual worldwide maternal deaths were at about half a million. This number was used to support efforts to gain $169 billion in new funding for UN maternal health initiatives.

An independent study at The Lancet contradicted the WHO conclusions, saying that the number was actually 350,000. After initially trying to get the Lancet researchers to modify their findings, the UN was obliged to corrected its previous report.

From the article:
"UN researchers and women’s rights groups confronted the authors of the Lancet study at a meeting in Washington last June, asking them to get in line with UN statistics so as not to confuse the media and big donors,"
"UN scientists say they have to balance publishing their findings with gaining support for UN policies."

Nothing like cooking the books and then silencing dissenting voices from the prevailing ideology.

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Kindred Spirit said...

"Quid es veritas?" And they washed their hands...