Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Red Tide

Ember Wednesday of Advent


Charles Colson is a Baptist chap who, among other things, reports on the forced abortion business in China. According to Colson, hundreds of millions of Chinese women have been compelled to suffer unwanted abortions. His article that I linked to above is the latest among many covering China's forced abortions.

The Chinese government, meanwhile, denies that the numerous reports and stories of forced abortions have any merit, adding that the People's Party does not engage in forced abortions.

For my part, I think the murderous, lying reds are using physical force to make numerous women abort their babies against their will.

Not that many folks will take note: people have had the fable that the world is over-populated hammered into their heads for so long that even horrific abuses in the world's most populous country won't get any significant attention.

For the record:
* There is no world over-population problem.
* There is plenty of land and natural resources to provide for the needs of many, many more people than are currently on the planet.
* People are going hungry and getting diseases because of resource management failures and wide-spread corruption.
* Anyone who says otherwise and wants to encourage or require the curtailment of human reproduction is (optimistically) being taken for a ride or (pessimistically) a dangerous and willing tool.


Kindred Spirit said...

Make no mistake, God is not mocked. And the consequences of these actions against His Divine plan will be terrifying.

Sean said...

Some good news from South Korea: