Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cat Head Biscuits

I used to know a fellow from a poor farming family named Brookens. He sometimes talked about growing up on the farm. One story he liked was about the cat head biscuits his mother used to make.

"A cat head biscuit is as big as a cat's head," Brookens said. "You'd take your thumb and mush it down on top, making a big hole in the center. Then while it was still hot you'd pour in maple syrup so that it filled the hole and oozed out all over the biscuit and onto the plate. That's the proper way to eat a cathead biscuit."

Poverty can have an effect on one's perceptions, however.

"We had the cat head biscuits, and the fresh bacon from the slaughtered hogs, and the eggs gathered every morning from the hen house," Brookens said. "But what we all really wanted was the storbought food that the rich kids ate: we wanted Cheerios."

Cat Head Biscuit

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