Thursday, July 2, 2009



In Honduras:

* President Manuel Zelaya tried to hold an unconstitutional referendum to rewrite the Honduran constitution, lift presidential term limits, and extend his rule.

* General Romeo Vásquez, boss of the Honduran armed forces, resisted Zelaya's initiaitives and was fired.

* The Honduran Supreme Court rebuked Zelaya.

* Zelaya then embraced mob tactics and -- with aid from Hugo Chávez and Daniel Ortega -- raided a military base to seize the Venezuela-supplied referendum ballots. He deliberately and unambiguously broke the law in an attempt to seize power.

* With judicial backing -- which includes Honduras' Congress, Supreme Court, Electoral Tribunal, attorney general, and national prosecutor -- the army intervened to stop Zelaya and dumped him in Costa Rica.

A would-be dictator was deposed. Hugo Chavez suffered a setback and is fuming. It's delightful.

Honduras: Donde hay lluvia de peces cual milagro celestial

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