Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tolerance vs. Indifferentism

If a fellow speaks the truth, then he has my assent.

If a fellow speaks a falsehood and I can correct him, then I will; otherwise, I am indifferent to the truth, which makes me an accomplice to the evil.

If a fellow speaks a falsehood and I cannot correct him, then I will avoid him. If I cannot avoid him, then I will tolerate the evil of the falsehood, but I will never treat the falsehood as a matter of indifference.

Uncertain if what a fellow says is true or false? Then it is my business to establish the veracity of the matter without evading my responsibility out of laziness or cowardice to discern the truth by pretending something of import is merely a matter of opinion, preference, or conjecture. Not everything is relative.

No fellow has the right to use his power of speech to spread falsehood, the sincerity of his conviction notwithstanding.

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