Friday, October 14, 2016

Common in the Pedestrian Sense

Pioneer Institute is a Massachusetts research organization that turned its attention to Common Core to analyze the impact that program has on the quality of education for K-12.

See the 60-page write-up at

The findings are not flattering. And the insights are equally application for all students, not just Bay Staters.

 * Study of literature, drama, and poetry are quantitatively reduced by more than half.
* Great literature, when it is included, is merely excerpted.

* The
math standards don't prepare students for college-level coursework in science, engineering, and math.
* Good for community-college-level work.

The focus of Common Core is on elementary workforce preparation. Instead of reading about humans to learn about life, students now read a user manual. The curriculum's "informational texts" are a vocational ed formula for producing not just trained workers, but androids - or cyborgs, depending on your genre. The approach is "common" in the pedestrian sense.

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