Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thomistic Philosophy

Philosophy is the mechanics of the human mind that is used to grasp natural reality. Whether one applies a formal system of philosophy or merely accepts the popular world view as a framework for making sense of the world, everyone who thinks has a philosophy.

Truth is when the mind is in accord with objective reality.

In his book "The Intelligence In Danger of Death" (L'intelligence en péril de mort), Marcel de Corte writes of Thomistic philosophy and the consequences of its rejection in modern times:

"[Thomistic philosophy] is linked to Greek philosophy, which is, itself, a philosophy based upon common sense, reality and a human intelligence faithful to its purpose (i.e. to know objective truth). Whenever philosophy wanders from this, it suffers the consequences! Vatican II threw out this realist philosophy which the Church had always guarded...this 2,000 year-old solidarity between supernatural reality of the Faith and the natural reality of man's mind...a philosophy which was the axis and pivot of the Church, who is the custodian of Faith, Intelligence and Morals. All this has been swept away by the tempest of all tempests - the subjectivity of man."

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