Sunday, February 13, 2011

Neighborhood Fun

Saturday one of the neighbors in my townhouse community spotted an unsupervised kid firing a pellet gun into the community parking lot from the front doorway of his parents' house. The police were invited in to look into the matter.

That same evening, as I was driving into the neighborhood, several boys wearing ski masks and using toy semi-automatic guns were engaged in a shootout game at the entrance to our community -- they were on either side of the driveway, firing across the drive at each other. Certainly boys playing with toy guns are not anything new. The concern is that boys in ski masks darting about the main entrance of our neighborhood at sunset when the light isn't very good could be a recipe for a grave misunderstanding or an unfortunate accident. The police were invited to become involved in that situation too.

Being a board member of the homeowners' association, I actually had a role in addressing these incidents. For me it started with approaching the kids engaged in the shootout. They dispersed before I had a chance to talk to them. Maybe next time?

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