Sunday, January 9, 2011

Arizona Justice


Arizona is a state that still has the death penalty. I won'
t be surprised if it is administered to the left-wing secularist flag-burning pothead traitor obsessed with government mind-control programs who shot up the Safeway parking lot the other day.

Left wing? That's my read. On his FaceBook page the shooter said he admired Hugo Chavez, Che Guevara, Saul Alinsky, and Barack Obama. He also listed the Communist Manifesto among his favorite writings.

Secularist? His occult activities aside, he was an anti-religious atheist.

Pothead? His classmates reported as much. The U.S. military also said he was turned down when he tried to enlist because of his drug use.

Traitor? He'd worked on the re-election campaign of the congresswoman he tried to assassinate.

If he is deemed to be competent to stand trial, I expect this guy to fry.

The reason Loughner's assault is being used to abuse the political right is because he shot a democrat. But he was one of their own. The rabid rhetoric he listened to didn't come from the right, it came from the left -- from Obama saying that Hispanics need to "punish" their opponents to a terrorist like James Lee (i.e. humans are "parasites") who listened to too much Al Gore to the vitriol of Palin, meanwhile, is just the media's favorite whipping girl.

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