Sunday, May 16, 2010

Go Home Little Boys


Two would-be assassins of Pope Benedict XVI were intercepted by Italian police and sent home to Morocco. The men were students at a university in the Italian city of
Perugia. They'd talked of attaining Paradise by murdering the Pope, and had expressed a desire to obtain explosives.

Such a plan is short-sighted of the two students. Not only would they not reach Paradise, but then they will have created a martyr who would intercede for us in Heaven and who would also serve as a rallying point for the worldwide resistance to Islam's martial branch of expansionism. In any event, hands off my Pope.


Long-Skirts said...

I LOVE it!!!

savannah said...

Nice to know we have Our Lady's army to lead the way. Always nice to read your comments, mon frere en Christ.

savannah said...

Mon Frere- one last contemplation and appreciation…

It gave me great joy to contemplate (this morning…on my way to an exam LOL) the loving, tender heart of Our Blessed Lady and the great power She has been given through Our Lord, Jesus Christ. As we are well aware only a tilt of Her head and the demons of hell are silenced (ie: Fatima) and it is within Her mantle of protection that our religious reside. Her precious love also moves many hearts to the point of self-sacrifice for the saving of souls as we see in Saint M. Kolbe. So whether martyrs or survivors due to Her mantle of protection (ie: catholic survivors praying the Rosary during the drop of the A-bomb on Hiroshima) we know that it is in the Triune God that we find rest. God Bless-