Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gendercide in China

Low Sunday


Proponents of zero-population growth take heed: China is the future you would inflict on the world.

In a country where a one-child-per-family policy has been in effect for decades, the marriageable men in this country of 1.3 billion outnumber the marriageable women by a count of 30 million. It seems that parents are opting to keep boys rather than girls because boys are expected to care for their parents in old age.

The disproportionate ratio is producing all sorts of undesired effects (I almost called the effects unanticipated, but that would not be true; anyone with half a brain could anticipate them -- you just have to be a secular egotist to believe you can significantly disrupt how relations between the sexes works and have no negative outcomes).

Anticipated outcomes of this Darwinian experiment in human population control:
* A war to cull the surplus males
* A rise in organized crime
* A huge expansion in the prostitution industry
* A rise in homosexuality
* Abducting women from other countries
* Wide-scale kidnapping of children

Indeed: Chinese parents already tie their children to posts and lock them in cages to stop them from being stolen.

Just as liberals and socialists have always done, the Reds will not openly discuss the real cause of the crisis brought about by their inhuman policies -- after all, ignoring (when they're not murdering) rather than addressing the intelligent opposition is how the progressives have always worked. Instead, the government is promoting messages about the importance of having girl babies.

Meanwhile, Chinese girls are coldly dismissed by their parents with remarks like "You are only a girl. You are spilt water."

Brave new world indeed.


dolorosa said...

It's horrifying to me to think what it must be like to live in Communist China. We must keep them in our prayers. Global trade and government has brought their poison to the U.S. I bought some Scotties tissues in the dollar store. The box says made in the U.S. so I stopped reading and bought them. I noticed the tissues caused a reaction to me and I'd cough after using them. I took another look at the box and it said, "Made in the U.S. with domestic and imported materials."

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