Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pius XI on Charity

Feast of St. John Bosco


"This charity, intelligent and sympathetic towards those even who offend you, does by no means imply a renunciation of the right of proclaiming, vindicating and defending the truth and its implications. The priest's first loving gift to his neighbors is to serve truth and refute error in any of its forms. Failure on this score would be not only a betrayal of God and your vocation, but also an offense against the real welfare of your people and country."

- Pope Pius XI, 1937, Mit Brennender Sorge

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Mary said...

Hey Sean,
I think it would really have an impact if you told the story of Mit Brennender Sorge being read all over Germany at the same time on Palm Sunday and how Pius told off the Nazis (unless I have messed up my facts and am remembering this wrong).....