Sunday, November 15, 2009

Unexpected Money

Today a lady I know said she found $20 in a coat pocket she hasn't worn since last winter. It's one thing to roll your eyes at all the Christmas decorations out early; it's something else when the Christmas gift itself shows up ahead of schedule.


Several years back a man at the parish asked Father whether it was OK to play the lottery.

"Father, if I win, I promise I'll give a third of all the winnings to the church."

Father made a face, then said, "Well, if God wants you to win the lottery, then you only need to buy one ticket."

Me, I once put a dollar in an office pool to buy as many lotto tickets as the pool was good for; any winnings would be split evenly among the contributors. We won enough to buy another ticket; that one didn't net anything, and so the experiment drew to a close. And that was my one ticket; I'm done.

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