Saturday, September 26, 2009



Divorce "is the fruitful cause of mutable marriage contracts; it diminishes mutual affection; it supplies a pernicious stimulus to unfaithfulness; it is injurious to the care and education of children; it gives occasion to the breaking up of domestic society; it scatters the seeds of discord among families; it lessens and degrades the dignity of women, who incur the danger of being abandoned when they shall have subserved the lust of their husbands. And since nothing tends so effectually as the corruption of morals to ruin families and undermine the strength of kingdoms, it may easily be perceived that divorce is especially hostile to the prosperity of families and States..."

– Pope Leo XIII, Arcanum, February 10, 1880


Kindred Spirit said...

Words to the wise but, alas, how few are wise these days! May God preserve the state of Holy Matrimony against those who would destroy it.

Patti Petersen said...

"Those who pray together stay together" and how very few are praying today! With the degredation of morality and true piety that followed the modernist take over of the Church came divorce and manifold evils. The Church was a beacon of morality before Vatican Council II and even those who hated her were loath to expose their immorality before her clear eyes and thundering truth.