Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Prediction

McCain to take Georgia, Obama to win the general election.

Yesterday over burgers a younger co-worker sounded me out about my political views.

"You seem to be more to the conservative side than most people in the office," he started.

"Good economic policy accounts for ethics," I said. "For that reason I'd never vote for a pro-choice candidate. I'd exclude such a candidate and then work with what's left."

Perhaps the fellow had heard about what he thought were conservative-minded contrarians like me on NPR, but I don't think he anticipated encountering a flesh-and-blood example sitting across from him at the the table.

He rallied, however, and dug deep for a cliché. "Do you just focus on the one issue, or is there perhaps something else that could affect your perspective?"

"I have a host of considerations, and that one is one of the
show-stoppers," I answered. "Another one is the education of children, which is chiefly the responsibility of the parents. If the state ever tried to usurp that roll and mandate certain schooling in spite of the parents' desires -- like Robert Reich has done -- I'd vote against that candidate too."

"Who's Robert Reich?"

"He was Secretary of Labor under Clinton."

A shrug of the shoulders followed, then my interlocutor resumed the previous line. "Well, I have a different perspective."

I nodded, and then continued my point. "There have always been people willing to treat another class of human beings as less than human for their own advantage. The old Southerners did it with the blacks; Hitler did it with the Jews; and our generation does it with babies in the womb. They are a category of people who can be killed with impunity. But life trumps choice."

"We have a very clear difference on this one," was the incredulous reply. "Maybe we should talk about something different?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "All right," I said, reaching for a fry.

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